Names Week 2 – #1

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The sea sprite, no larger than a starfish, sat on the harlot’s motionless chest. She laughed as she dipped a hand into the blood pouring slowly out of the body. “Has immortality turned you into a poet?”

Dylan’s shoulders lifted as he cleaned the blood off of the dagger. “Thanks to you, I have a lot of time to think while the Silver Wave is docked.”

“You can leave any time you want.” She raised her dripping fingers to her lips.

“Some day,” he muttered, “but not today. I still have half a world and a hundred women to see before I die.”

Ten straight years aboard the corsair, ten years bound to the sea and all her ways was not enough to deter him. Having amassed a small fortune for himself – and the crew – what need did he have to leave when life’s pleasures could merely be brought to him? His name had spread from England to Africa, and there was a lot more ocean for it to cover. Every assassin that failed to kill him only added to his fame, the legend that was Captain Dylan Osbert.


2 thoughts on “Names Week 2 – #1”

  1. My brain struggled with this one for a few minutes…. maybe because I pictured the sea sprite as a star fish sitting on the dead harlot’s chest. I did find myself having to question the details, however, to determine that he is on a ship. I want to see more of the room they are in, I think.
    “Ten straight years aboard the corsair, ten years bound to the sea and all her ways was not enough to deter him.” This sentence really threw me. A little more detail to clear it up.

    However, I am intrigued. I found myself surmising details that my brain wanted because I was curious to see where this was going. I want to know more about the sea sprite who is apparently drinking the blood from the dead body. How did Dylan end up with her? I definitely see why this one was difficult to pare down.

    I felt like Dylan fit this character decently – as long as I read Olbert as “ohbair” instead of “oleburt”. Which plays into the idea of reader perception of a name and how it can very. I peg Dylan as a swashbuckler, so I really should assume that I should pronounce his name with a French accent – if we go off of stereotypes… 😉


  2. I read the last name as “All-burt” and pictured the sprite as a starfish, but all were located on deck, bobbing over the open ocean. Now I have a stinking, sinking pit in my stomach. I feel filthy after reading this. Ugh! Thanks a lot. (aka Well done!)


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