Names Week 1 – #3

Lillian’s purple pen flew across the page as she pushed Princess Sunflower off of the side of the north tower. Tears filling her sapphire blue eyes, she kept Prince Marcus engaged in a duel with the Duke, knowing he would not be in time to save his true love. It had taken her four weeks to get to this chapter, and all of those nights spent scribbling away under the covers with her owl-shaped book light were paying off. Her brilliant tale of adventure, magic, and true love neared completion, and soon the whole world would know the name Lillian Cross!

Leaning against the scratchy white pillows, she shut out the flashing lights of the TV and the reporters’ and their stories about policemen and firefighters and government people. Her kingdom needed her!

3 thoughts on “Names Week 1 – #3”

  1. When I put the name Lillian Cross into the challenge, I actually thought of her as an author!! This was a fun little blip. I related to her A LOT… right down to the purple pen. I actually think this piece might be stronger if you took out the last paragraph all together. The sudden discussion of modern gunk jarred me away from her excitement for her prince and princess. Still, I could feel the intensity in her passion for storytelling. We didn’t get much of an idea for WHERE she was at… I would say attic, or maybe if she was really dramatic, a little creative nest she has made for herself in an abandoned apartment building. Oh! That could be fun…. What about writing this scene as she is sneaking in to the apartment building to write the final scene. Then I can see the line, “Her kingdom needed her.”


    1. The last paragraph was mainly to give some hint of where she was, so it was kind of tacked on. I love the idea of this taking place in an abandoned apartment building, but having a 10 year-old sneaking into an old building alone worries me…. which would be great for adding tension!


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